Index of M - 303 (303 businesses)

M & P McCourt - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
M Barry - Other supporting land transport activities
M C K Embroidery - Finishing of textiles
M Colgan & Sons - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
M Deane - Medical practice activities
M Diane - Legal activities
M G Oil - Manufacture of refined petroleum products
M Hadden - Physical well-being activities
M J M Marine Ltd - Building and repairing of ships
M J McConville - Dispensing chemists
M L White - Legal activities
M Mackle - Medical practice activities
M Mallon - Casting of iron
M McCaughey - Manufacture of office machinery
M McCavitt - Retail sale of meat and meat products
M McCreesh & Co - Other building completion
M McEvoy - Medical practice activities
M McKnight - Medical practice activities
M O'callaghan - Other farming of animals
M O'Hare - Other farming of animals
M Print - Pre-press activities
M Quinn - Medical practice activities
M S C Associates - Adult and other education not elsewhere classified
Ma Kearneys - Bar
Macauley Heaney Partnership - Technical testing and analysis
Mackin Animal Feeds - Manufacture of prepared pet foods
Mac's - Bar
Macwaste Ltd - Industrial cleaning
Maeve McCauley - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Magill Menswear - Wholesale of clothing and footwear
Maginnis Engineering - Other building installation
Maginn's Meats - Retail sale of meat and meat products
Magnet - Bar
Mainline Meats Ltd - Wholesale of meat and meat products
Mako Sharpening Services - Repair not elsewhere classified
Malcolm Henning - Farming of cattle, dairy farming
Management & Construction - Other building completion
Mane Attraction - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Marathon Sports - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Market Access - Advertising
Marketing On Call - Business and management consultancy activities
Marks & Spencer - Other retail sale in non-specialised stores
Martin Cromwell - Sale of motor vehicles
Masterclass Tuition - Private households with employed persons
Masters Choice Ltd - Other building completion
Matthews Bros - Test drilling and boring
Mauds Ice Cream - Restaurant
Mayobridge G A A Club - Bar
Mayobridge Joinery Works - Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
Mayobridge Pharmacy - Dispensing chemists
Mayobridge Post Office - National post activities
Mayobridge Service Station - Retail sale of automotive fuel
Maypole Interiors - Other building completion
McAdorey - Other human health activities
McArdle & McNally Commercial Sales Ltd - Sale of motor vehicles
McArdle Enterprises - Painting and glazing
McBurney & Co - Legal activities
McCann Bros - Retail sale of meat and meat products
McCann Bros - Other supporting land transport activities
McCartan Bros - Retail sale of clothing
McConville & McLornan - Dental practice activities
McConville & Mclornan - Dental practice activities
McConville Butchers - Retail sale of meat and meat products
McCoy Auto Spares - Sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories
McCullough Woodturning - Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
McDonald Transport - Other supporting land transport activities
McDonald's Restaurants Ltd - Restaurant
McElroy Bros - Retail sale of meat and meat products
McEvoy - Other retail sale in non-specialised stores
McGarvey Joinery - Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
McGarveys - Other wholesale
McGeough Fuels - Retail sale of automotive fuel
McGeown's Transport International - Other supporting land transport activities
McGuigan - Legal activities
McKeagney - Dispensing chemists
McKeevers Pharmacy - Dispensing chemists
McKernan Joinery - Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
McKernan Motors Ltd - Sale of motor vehicles
McKevitt - Manufacture of explosives
McLouthlin Bars & Bistro - Bar
McNally Chemist - Dispensing chemists
McNally Electrics - Installation of electrical wiring and fittings
McNulty - Legal activities
McParland - Other farming of animals
McShane & Co - Legal activities
McVeigh Property Rentals - Letting of own property
McVerry - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
McVerry Panel Beaters - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
Meadowbrook Kitchen Centre - Other business activities not elsewhere classified
Meat Boutique - Retail sale of meat and meat products
Medical Hall - Dispensing chemists
Meigh Freight Services - Other supporting land transport activities
Meigh Playgroup - Primary education
Meigh Taxis - Taxi Service
Menarys - Wholesale of other household goods
Menarys - Retail sale of clothing
Mentor - Business and management consultancy activities
Mercia (Ireland) Ltd - Adult and other education not elsewhere classified
Merit Match - Other manufacturing not elsewhere classified
Messages - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Metaflex Ltd - Other building completion
Michael Boyle - Other business activities not elsewhere classified
Michael Devine - Plumber
Michael J McConville - Bar
Michael McArdle - Real Estate Agency
Michael McCreesh & Sons Ltd - Funeral and related activities
Michael Woods - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
Micheal C Farrelly - Technical testing and analysis
Michelle's - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Milestone Service Station - Retail sale of automotive fuel
Mill Taxis - Taxi Service
Millets - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Millwood Fitted Furniture - Other business activities not elsewhere classified
Millys - Bar
Minny Doyles - Bar
Miss Noelle Collins - Dental practice activities
MK One - Retail sale of clothing
MKF (UK) Ltd - Manufacture of plastics in primary forms
Model Chemists - Dispensing chemists
Modern Lighting Co - Installation of electrical wiring and fittings
Modern Tyre Service - Sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories
Modern Tyre Service - Sale of motor vehicle parts and accessories
Monaghan Street Post Office - National post activities
Moneydarragh Flexicare - Other human health activities
Moneydarragh Primary School - General secondary education
Montessori After School Service - Primary education
Montessori Nursery School - Primary education
Mooney Engineering - Agricultural service activities
More Than Mobile - Telecommunications
Morgan Meats - Retail sale of meat and meat products
Morrow & Sons - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Mortgages Made Easy - Other credit granting
Mothercare UK Ltd - Manufacture of games and toys
Motis (Ireland) Ltd - Sea and coastal water transport
Mount Oriel Conversions - Other building completion
Mourne - Painting and glazing
Mourne Action For Survivors Of Terrorism - Social work activities without accommodation
Mourne Carpets Of Warrenpoint - Retail sale of textiles
Mourne Compost Ltd - Manufacture of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
Mourne Country Hotel - Hotels and motels, with restaurant
Mourne Country Meats Ltd - Wholesale of meat and meat products
Mourne Family Surgery - Hospital activities
Mourne Filling Station - Retail sale of automotive fuel
Mourne Flooring - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Mourne Glass - Painting and glazing
Mourne Granit - Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone
Mourne Hospital - Hospital activities
Mourne Hydraulic Hose & Fittings Ltd - Other manufacturing not elsewhere classified
Mourne Independent Christian School - General secondary education
Mourne Livestock Sales Ltd - Agricultural service activities
Mourne Maintenance Services - Other building completion
Mourne Meats - Retail sale of meat and meat products
Mourne Mist Bottled Water Co - Advertising
Mourne Nursery & Garden Centre - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Mourne Properties - Real Estate Agency
Mourne Shipping Services - Activities of other transport agencies
Mourne Stimulous Day Centre - Social work activities without accommodation
Mourne Veterinary Clinic - Veterinary activities
Moygannon Nurseries & Garden Centre - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Mr Eatwell - Restaurant
Mullaglass Primary School - General secondary education
Mulligan Motors - Sale of motor vehicles
Mums Essentials Ltd - Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products
Murphy - Repair of electrical household goods
Murphy Bros - Retail sale of automotive fuel
Murphys - Retail sale of clothing
Murphy's Bar - Bar
Murphys Laundry Equipment Ltd - Manufacture of electric domestic appliances
Murray Car & Commerical Repairs - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
Murtaghs Bar - Bar
Mystique Beauty Salon - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Malone Lynchehaun - Accounting Auditing And Bookkeeping Services
Mcpoland & Co - Accounting Services Except Auditing
Mcpolin & Murdock - Accts. Auditors Tax Experts
Mourne Activity Breaks - Tour And Guide Services
Mcmanus Brothers - Steel Gate Fabricators
M Colgan & Sons - Motor Repair Services
Master Cuts - Barber Shop
Mystique Beauty Salon - Beauty Salon
Mane Attraction - Hairdressers - Unisex
Michelle's - Hairdressers - Unisex
Maeve Mccauley - Ladies Hairdressers And Hair Stylists
Malcolm Henning - Beef Cattle Feedlots
Mourne Boat Sales - Boat Builders & Repairers
Mourne Mist Bottled Water Company Ltd - Manufacturers Of Bottled And Canned Soft Drinks
Maine Soft Drinks - Soft Drinks Manufacturers
Michael Woods - Car Valet Services
Morgan Fuel & Lubes Ltd - Whl Dist. Of Fuels,ores, Metal
Mckee James & Sons - Oil & Coal Distributors
M S C Associates - Technical Colleges
M-Print - Commercial Lithographic Printers
Mcdonald's - Confectionery Retailer
Modern Fireplace Co - Fireplace Mantelpiece And Monumental Masons
Mourne Granite Quarries Ltd - Manufacturers Of Cut And Shaped Granite
Mourne Granite Ltd - Manufacturers Of Granite
Moyfab Tool Company Ltd - Precision Engineers (100%)
Murney Bros - Dairy Farmers
Murphy Bros - Dairy Farmers
Michael Magee - Dairy Farm
Mcconville & Mclornan - Dentist
Mcevoys - Department Store Proprietors
Marks & Spencer Plc - Department Store
Mcgreevy Shops Ltd. - Department Store
Mcnally Chemist - Chemists - Dispensing
Michael J Mcconville - Chemists - Dispensing
Mckeevers Pharmacy - Drug Stores And Proprietary Stores
M H - Retaielrs Of Drugs
Model Chemists - Retailers Of Drug
Mayobridge Pharmacy - Retailers Of Drugs
Mckeagney Chemists - Retailers Of Drugs
Meadowlands Surgery - Doctors Surgery
Micheal Mcknight - Doctors Surgery
Medical Centre - Doctor
Murphys - Drapery Retailers
Milltown Electrical Wholesale Ltd - Wholesalers Of Electrical Goods
Mcnally Electrics - Electrical Contractors
Mourne Electrical Services - Electrical Contractors
M & D Electrics - General Electrical Contractor
Modern Lighting Co. - General Electrical Contractors
M & M (steel Fabrications) Ltd - Manufacturers Of Fabricated Structural Metal
Met Art - Manufacturers Of Fabricated Structural Metal
Mcknight E & Co. - Drapery & Wool Rtlr
Magill Menswear - Family Clothing Stores
Mourne Composts Ltd - Compost Manufacturer
M Hughes & Son - Boxes And Cartons Manufacturers
Mourne Mushrooms Marketing Ltd - Mushroom Growers (100%)
Michael Mccreesh & Sons - Funeral Directors
M Y Fashions - Clothing Manufacturers
Maginnis Engineering - Misc General Industrial Machinery Mfrs
M O'callaghan - General Livestock
Mallons Garden Shed - Wholesalers Of Builders Hardware
M P M Steel Fabrication - Steel Fabricator
Martin Hardware - Hardware Store
Mcparlands - Hardware Store
Marymount Bed & Breakfast - Bed And Breakfast Inn
Mourne Landscapes Ltd - Landscape Planers
Magill Enterprises Ltd - Property Development
M L White - Solicitor
Mcburney & Co. - Solicitors
Mckeowns Solicitors - Solicitors
Mcshane & Co. Solicitors - Solicitors
Mcparland Insurance Servicess - Insurance Services
Murdock Builders Merchants Ltd - Wholesalers Of Interior Building Materials
Murdock Property Ltd - Builders Merchants
Mourne Stonecraft - Stone Masons
Merhill Catering - Buyers And Sellers Of Catering Equipment And Parts
Mourne Windows & Doors Ltd - Windows And Dorrs Manufacturers
Murray Strip Products - Steel Stockholders
Mayobridge Joinery Works - Joinery Manufacturers
Mckeran Joinery Works - Joinery Manufacturers
M & M Trucks & Spares Ltd - Retailers Of New And Used Trucks
Mcveigh Bros - Commercial And Office Building Contractors
Mourne Nursery & Garden Centre - Nursery Retailers
Morrow & Sons - Retail Nurseries
Moygannon Nursery - Retail Nurseries
M G Oils - Retailers Of Fuel Oil
Mackin Animal Feeds - Agricultural Merchant
Meat Centre Ltd - Meat Wholesalers (100%)
M T Cabs - Passenger Car Rental
Moley Coaches - Private Coach Hire
Martin Mcginn & Sons - Oil & Coal Fuel Distributors
Murdock Services Ltd - Gasoline Filling Stations
Mcgeough Fuels - Petrol Filling Station
Millvale Services Ltd - Petrol Filling Station And Retailers Of Grocery
Milestone Service Stn - Petrol Service Station
Murphy Bros (forkhill) Ltd - Petrol Service Station Proprietors (100%)
Mourne Filling Station - Petrol Service Stations
Mourne Boiler Services - Plumbing Heating And Air-Conditioning Contractors
Macs Bathroom Supplies - Plumbers Merchants
Mourne Eggs - Wholesalers Of Poultry And Poultry Products
Mcateer Recycling Ltd - Rubbish Collection And Recycling
Mcallister Bros Ltd - Sewage Treatment Facilities
Mcateer Bros - Building Contrs
Michael Donaghy Construction - General Building Contractors
M L Quinn Construction Ltd - Residential Building Construction Contractors
Mauds Ice Cream - Cafe
Maple Leaf Cafe - Cafes Snack Bars And Tea Rooms
Magic Chief - Chinese Take Away
Mcdonalds - Fast Food Restaurant
Mc Restaurants Ltd - Restaurant And Bar Proprietors
M O'hare - Bakers' Shops
Mccann's Bakery - Bakers' Shops
Mcnamee's Bakery - Retail Bakery
Mourne Country Meats Ltd - Food Processors
Magna Developments Ltd - Educational Services
Millennium School Of Motoring - Miscellaneous Schools And Educational Services
Mourne Independent Christian School - Schools And Educational Services
M K One - Fashion Retailers
Michael Mccaul Signs - Sign Manufacturer
Millets Leisure - Camping Equipment Suppliers
Marathon Sports Ltd - Sporting Goods Retailers
Mcquaid Engineering - Steel Erectors
Mourne Metalcrafts - Wrought Ironwork
Mcconville Coachworks - Commercial Vehicle Bodybuilders & Repairers
Mckinley Transport - Contract Haulers
Mcgeown International Ltd - Haulage Contractors
Milltown Ms Ltd - Haulage Contractors
Mckernan Motors - Retailers Of Used Car
Mourne Veterinary Clinic - Veterinary Surgeons And Practitioners
Matrix Law Training - Law Training Services
Mackeown Trading Ltd. - Wine And Spirit Wholesalers
Mccullough Wood Turning - Woodturning & Machining
Mug Print Limited - Promotional Products Supplier
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