Index of J - 319 (319 businesses)

J & B Haynes - Retail sale of books, newspapers and stationary
J & K Auto Products - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
J & K Wilson - Other farming of animals
J & M - Demolition and wrecking of buildings; earth moving
J & N Electrical Services - Installation of electrical wiring and fittings
J & P Enterprises - Repair not elsewhere classified
J & R Sawyrr - Other supporting land transport activities
J & S Autos - Auto Repair Shop
J & T Motors - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
J A Knight & Son (Farmers) Ltd - Other farming of animals
J A Y Gee - Social work activities without accommodation
J Arnold - Driving school activities
J B & V A Tebbutt - Other retail sale in specialised stores
J B J Properties Ltd - Storage and warehousing
J B Moore - Plumber
J C Motor Services - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
J C S Computing Ltd - Software consultancy and supply
J Costello - Erection of roof covering and frames
J D Haynes - Manufacture of other products of wood
J D Miles - Other farming of animals
JD Sports - Sportswear Store
J E Clarke - Dental practice activities
J Eales & Son - Plastering
J G F - Other building completion
J G Higgins - Painting and glazing
J G Home Maintenance - Painting and glazing
J H Models - Other manufacturing not elsewhere classified
J H Sharpe - Dental practice activities
J I Consultancy Group Ltd - Hardware consultancy
J J B Sports PLC - Other retail sale in specialised stores
J J B Sports PLC - Other retail sale in specialised stores
J J B Sports PLC - Other retail sale in specialised stores
J James - Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
J L & Co Ltd - Manufacture of footwear
J L Crook - Other human health activities
J L Jelley - Other farming of animals
J L Mason - Installation of electrical wiring and fittings
J M C Design - Other business activities not elsewhere classified
J M Fennessy - Painting and glazing
J M G - Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
J M Smith - Other farming of animals
J M Staff Services Ltd - Labour recruitment and provision of personnel
J M T - Freight transport by road
J M Twigg - Social work activities with accommodation
J M Twigg - Social work activities with accommodation
J Mason - Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
J P Reprographics Ltd - Wholesale of other office machinery and equipment
J P Rooney - Painting and glazing
J P S Carpentry - Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
J P Tooling - Manufacture of machine tools
J P W Grant - Floor and wall covering
J Potter - Other building installation
J R - Other supporting land transport activities
J R Bass - Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
J Rogers & Co - Pre-press activities
J S B - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
J S Sheinman & Associates - Other human health activities
J S Smith - Forestry and logging related service activities
J T Hemming - Dental practice activities
J T Raca International Ltd - Other supporting land transport activities
J Van Vliet - Wholesale of flowers and plants
J W S - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
J W Turner Ltd - Other building completion
J Whatton - Other farming of animals
JACK BARKER Ltd - Other sporting activities
Jack Haddon - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Jack Russell - Other business activities not elsewhere classified
Jack's - Restaurant
Jackson - Other farming of animals
Jackson Grundy - Real Estate Agency
Jackson Grundy - Real Estate Agency
Jackson Grundy - Real Estate Agency
Jackson Grundy - Real Estate Agency
Jackson Grundy - Real Estate Agency
Jackson Grundy Financial Services - Other credit granting
Jackson Grundy Residential Lettings - Letting of own property
Jackson Sharp - Manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
Jacksons MOT Centre - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
Jackson-Stops & Staff - Real Estate Agency
Jacques Vert Retail Ltd - Retail sale of clothing
Jacquis Hair Bar - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Jade Pavilion - Restaurant
Jades - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Jaeger Ladieswear - Retail sale of clothing
Jagas Ltd - Plumber
Jam Sport - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
James Beatties - Other retail sale in non-specialised stores
James Connolley - Wholesale of meat and meat products
James First (Northants) Ltd - Other passenger land transport
James P Bird - Repair not elsewhere classified
Jane Bellingham - Other human health activities
Jane Yates - Other human health activities
Janes Hair Studio - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Janitorial Express - Wholesale of other household goods
Jasmine House - Restaurant
Jasper Publishing - Publishing of books
Jay Carpets - Retail sale of textiles
Jays - Other wholesale
Jaytrac Ltd - Repair not elsewhere classified
Jazz - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Jazz Barber Shop - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Jazzelle Nail Emporium - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
JCD Photography - Photographer
Jeckel & Hyde - Bar
Jeera Masala - Restaurant
Jeffery West - Retail sale of footwear and leather goods
Jeffery-West & Co Ltd - Manufacture of footwear
Jema Distribution - Activities of other transport agencies
Jendar Stylist - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Jenny's Restaurant - Restaurant
Jerry Hartigan - Legal activities
Jesco Technical - Telecommunications
Jessop Group Ltd - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Jessop Photo Video Centre - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Jessops - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Jessops - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Jesus Army - Activities of religious organisations
Jesus Fellowship - Activities of religious organisations
Jeyes Chemist - Dispensing chemists
JGP Associates - Technical testing and analysis
Jhoots Pharmacy - Dispensing chemists
Jigsaw - Other business activities not elsewhere classified
Jimmy Smith - Other farming of animals
Jimmy's - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Jim's School Of Motoring - Driving school activities
JLD Trading (Europe) Ltd - Manufacture of footwear
Joan Mason - Social work activities without accommodation
Jo-Anne - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Jobcentre Plus - Labour recruitment and provision of personnel
Joben Developments Ltd - Development and selling of real estate
Joe's Diner - Restaurant
John Billington - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
John Bland - Forestry and logging related service activities
John Coletta & Co - Legal activities
John Crane Ltd - Activities of other transport agencies
John Greenwood - Social work activities without accommodation
John Henry - Other retail sale in specialised stores
John Heywood - Photographic activities
John Hlustik Design Ltd - Manufacture of footwear
John Howard - Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
John Lewis PLC - Storage and warehousing
John Masters - Painting and glazing
John Roan - Photographic activities
John Sons Contractors Ltd - Development and selling of real estate
John Squires & Son Ltd - Wholesale of fruit and vegetables
John Tigges - Other supporting land transport activities
John Whiting - Manufacture of other forestry machinery
John Willcox Land - Development and selling of real estate
John's - Retail sale of other second-hand goods in stores
Johns Taxis - Taxi Service
Johnson & Starley - Other building installation
Johnson Healthcare - Labour recruitment and provision of personnel
Johnson Lawnmower Services - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Johnson Underwood - Recruiter
Johnsons - Plumber
Johnston Press Training Centre - Adult and other education not elsewhere classified
Jolly Cobbler - Bar
Jolly Crispin - Bar
Jon Barratt - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Jonathan Perry - Mental Health Clinic
Jondel Motorsport - Other sporting activities
Jones - Other retail sale in specialised stores
Jones - Other building installation
Jones Bootmaker - Retail sale of footwear and leather goods
Jones Childrens Shoes - Retail sale of footwear and leather goods
Jones Wholesale - Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods
J's & M's - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
JSB Print Soloutions - Wholesale of other office machinery and equipment
Judith Hearn Ltd - Labour recruitment and provision of personnel
Judith Hunt - Medical practice activities
Judy & Elizabeth - Wholesale of flowers and plants
Julie Dove - Physical well-being activities
Julie Rudkin - Other human health activities
Junction 16 - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Jungle Red - Hairdressing and other beauty treatment
Juniper House Interiors - Other building completion
Just Beaujolais - Wholesale of alcoholic and other beverages
Justin Partridge - Catering
Janice Ellison - Retail sale of textiles
J R Watson & Co. - Accountant
Jan C Woodburn - Accountant
J F Services - Accounting And Book-Keeping Services
John D Cox & Co - Accounting Auditing And Bookkeeping Service
Jervis & Partners - Accountant
John G Hosmer - Accounting Auditing And Bookkeeping Services
John Stephenson - Accounting Auditing And Bookkeeping Services
Johnson & Starley Ltd - Manufacturer Of Heating And Ventilation Equipment
Jade Entertainments - Entertainment Agency
Jazzelle Nail Sculptures - Beauty Consultants And Specialists
John Billington Hairdressing Group - Hair & Beauty Salons
Julies Mobile Hairdressing - Hair & Beauty Salons
Jacquis Hair Bar - Hairdressers - Unisex
Jojo Ladies Hairdressing - Ladies Hairdressers
Jazz Hairdressing - Unisex Hair Salon
Janes Hair Studio - Unisex Hairdressers
Jon Barratt Hairworks - Unisex Hairdressers
Junction 16 - Unisex Hairdressers
Just Curls - Unisex Hairdressers
James Beaty Farms - Beef Farmers
J Poynter - Coach Operator
Jessop Photo Video Centre - Photographic Equipment Retailers
Jessops - Photographic Equipment Retailers
J Martin Clarinet - Technical Colleges
Johnston Press Training Centre - Technical Colleges
Jos Rogers & Co Ltd - Commercial Printing, Lithographic
John Harrison & Tony Joyce - Business Print & Design Services
Jewson Ltd. - Wholesalers Of Construction Materials
John Adams & Co. - Radio Television And Electronic Stores
J R Mackenzie - Video And Tv Retailers
John Crilley & Son - Bailiffs
J & G T H Bailey - Dairy Farmers
J Wareing Russell & Son - Diary Farmers
Jennifer S Herbert Dentist - Dental Surgery
J T Hemming - Offices Of Dentists
James Beatties - Department Store
John Lewis - Department Store
Jhoots Pharmacy - Retail Chemists
J H W & K E Hill - Doctor
Julian Smith - Miscellaneous Electrical Repair Shops
Jones Wholesale Cash & Carry - Non Food Cash And Carry Wholesalers
Jaws Sales & Marketing - Electrical Machinery & Equip Mfrs
J L Mason Electrical - Electrical Contractors
Jamie Howes Electrical Contractor - Electrical Contractors
Jb Electical Services - Electrical Instalation Work Contractors
Jc Electrical - Electrical Work Contractors
Just Electrics Ltd - Electrical Work Contractors
J C Electrical Services - Electricians And Electrical Contractors
Jenrick Engineering Ltd. - Employment Agency
J M Staff Services Ltd - Employment Agency
Judith Hearn Agency Ltd - Employment Agency
Johnson Underwood (kettering) Ltd - Placement Agencies
Jay Wolfe Metalwork - Metal Fabricator
J & S Metalworks - Metal Fabrications
J R Tomkins - Aricultural Contracting
Jack Haddon Of Northampton - Florist
Jake Haddon - Florist
Ju-Ju Ltd - Wholesalers Of Plastic Shoes (100%)
John Beswick - Forestry Service
John Squires & Son Ltd - Fruit And Vegetables Wholesalers & Banana Ripeners
J D Haynes - Funeral Service & Crematoria
Johnson Cleaners - Dry Cleaner
John M Smith - Livestock & Arable Farming
Jayhard Holdings Ltd - Hardware Wholesalers
John Naylor - Alexander Technique
Judith North - Aromatherapist
J L Crook - Chiropodists
J M Forsyth - Offices And Clinics Of Podiatrists
Jane Butt Equine Services - Livery Yard
Job Centre Plus - Job Centre Plus
Jeremy Wright - Garden Design Services
Jane Page - Barrister
Joy Pinkham - Barrister
J Rothschild Insurance - Financial Services
Jaytrac Ltd - Timber Merchants
Jewson - Wholesalers Of Building Materials And Timber
Jack Link's-Uk Ltd - Wholesalers Of Meats And Meat Products
J J P T Ultrasound Services Ltd - Ultrasound Pregnancy Scanning Services
John Lobb Ltd. - Hand-Made Bespoke Boot Manufacturers
John Down Engineering - Motor Sport Engineering
J K Remarketing Services - Retailers Of New And Used Automobiles
J.e.t Builders - Builders
J M Woodhouse Building Services - General Building Contractor (non-Residential )
J M B Hire Centres - General Building Contractors
Ja & S Mitchell J A & E J - Glasshouse Nursery
Judy & Elizabeth Nurseries - Nurseries Wholesale
J Golby & Sons - Retailers Of Lawn And Garden Supplies
Johnstone's Leyland - Manufacturers Of Paints And Allied Products
Jet (fuel) - Petrol Station
Jennifer Bailey Photographer - Document Copying Duplicating
John Heywood - Document Copying Duplicating
John Roan Photography - Photographic Services
John Wiring - Misc Plastic Product Manufacturers
Jetable Ltd - Plumbing And Carpentry Contractors
Johnsons - Plumbing Contractors
John Davidson (pipes) - Wholesalers Of Plastic Pipes And Fittings
Jesus Fellowship Church - Religious Organisations
Jesus Fellowship Housing Association Ltd - Religious Organisations
Justin Partridge Catering - Caterer
Joes Traditional Fish & Chips - Chip And Fish Bar
Joe's Diner - Family Restaurant
Jay Dunn - Family Restaurant
Jasmine House Chinese - Fast Food Restaurants And Stands
Japanese Restaurant - Japanese Restaurant
Jade Pavilion Ltd - Thai Restaurant
James Salisbury Smith - Logs Firewood And Peat Fuel Suppliers
Joseph Woodburn Mobile Phones Ltd - Miscellaneous Retailers
J Dee Collectables - Other Spec.ret.dist(non-Food)
J Street & Co. Ltd. - Retailers Of Sheet Metal
J Arnold & Sons - Asphalt And Coated Macadam Laying Contractors
Jan X (northampton) Ltd - Wholesalers Of Janitors And Cleaning Suppliers
James & George Whatton - Farming Sheep
J & S Metalworks - Metal Works
Jeffery West & Co Ltd - Ret.dist Of Footwr & Lthr Gds
Jeffery-West Retail Ltd - Retailers Of Shoes
Jones Bootmaker - Shoe Shops
J D Sports - Sports Goods Shops
J J B Sports - Sports Goods Shops
J Pacey & Sons - Haulage Contractors
Judd Upholstery - Manufacturers Of Upholstered Household Furniture
J.n.s Upholstery - Upholstered Wood Househld Furniture Mfrs
Jay Gee Sanctuary For Dogs - Livestock Veterinary Practitioners
J S Brodie & Sons - Arable Farmers
J P Furniture - Furniture Design Makers
John M Almond Contracts - Manufacturers Of Kitchens Bedrooms And Bathrooms
Jazolo Ltd - Slatwall Panelling Manufacturers
Jd Carpentry & Joinery - Wood Partition & Store Fixture Mfrs
J & M Demolition - Demolition And Dismantling Contractors
Jims Towbars Northampton - Towing Service
JB Cleaning & Gardening Contractors - Cleaning Service
John Tye, Piano Tuning & Repairs - Piano Repair Service
JRB Property Maintenance Ltd - Paving Contractor
J & M Arnold & Sons - Asphalt Contractor
J & N Electrical - Electrician
JJ's Kiddycare - Party Planner
J C Recycling Ltd - Masonry Contractor
JB Double Glazing Repairs - Locksmith
J & S Contracting - General Contractor
Jem Plumbing & Heating - Plumber
John Ovington - Pet Sitter
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